Since early childhood Lacey has had very special gifts. She first became aware of those gifts at the age of four after a near-death experience. She drowned in the ocean, and has perfect recall of leaving her body. The Light of God enveloped her, and she felt no pain, fear or suffering. When she returned, her gifts were awakened. She initially began to hear voices and see spirits. But as time went by she realized she also had the ability to take pain away simply by touching people.

Lacey has been called a miracle worker, but she terms herself a faith-healer because of her tremendous faith that God has the power to heal everything. God’s love works from within Lacey and through her. She also works in unification with angels, particularly her own guardian angel Grace, and with ascended masters, and she has an affinity for Jesus due to her personal experiences with him throughout her life. He has appeared to her many times, and once gave her the message, “There will never be an hour of need that I will not be with you.” She believes that this is true for us all, and if this promise is held onto in our challenging times, we can find the strength to overcome anything.

Lacey’s gift of healing is natural to her. It is not Reiki or any other type of trained energy work. And though she has possessed this gift most of her life she did not begin to use it in earnest until she was in her thirties. One would have to say that she was urged to do so at that time, as she was visited by a host of angelic beings who told her that she must begin to use her gift… And she did. The first person she laid hands on was a woman suffering from her third bout of lymphoma, and without treatment may not have lived six months. After one healing, she was cured. A witness in the room was in awe, and she shared afterward that she had seen a brilliant white light appear over Lacey’s head while she was performing the healing. This light has revealed itself in many photos of Lacey.

The word of her ability spread quickly and she soon found herself laying hands on many people and doing distance healings around the world. She has been performing healings now for over twenty years. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she has cured everything from a simple case of the flu to broken bones, and even incurable cancer. Her success rate has been very high as far as she has been made aware, and though there are no guarantees of what the outcome of a healing will be physically, the love that she imparts reaches far beyond the physical to the soul. Lacey believes that love is the power of all healing, and ultimately she allows God to manifest what He knows is best for the individual.

If a healing does not take place, Lacey believes that there are many variables for this. One reason could be that you are not yet truly ready, or perhaps you are attached to your disease on some level, even though you may not even be aware of it. There is the matter of free-will to take in to consideration also. You may be choosing to learn a very powerful lesson through suffering. She cannot interfere with your choices, but she is there when you sincerely choose to be well. She also has a strong belief in destiny, and realizes that she cannot change the chosen course of your personal destiny. And she remains, at all times, aligned with the will of God.

The time frame for your personal healing cannot be determined by Lacey. Many people have experienced miraculous instant healings in the moment. Others have taken a few days or weeks to complete their healing process. Healing can be experienced the moment the sufferer no longer sees a purpose in pain. Sickness is of the mind, but manifests in the body.

Lacey works on the premise that energy is your life-force, and when energy in the body is either blocked or out of alignment, the body manifests disease. When she lays hands on you she is perfecting the energy, which in turn perfects the body. The Holy Spirit sees only perfection, thus is able to restore it.

Besides hands-on healing, Lacey performs what she calls energy clearings. Everyone can benefit from this, even those who are not suffering from a physical illness. It can be of great value in physical healing, but also brings mental and emotional balance, reducing stress and anxiety. It is especially helpful for those going through a major life change, and for those that simply feel stuck. An energy clearing removes energy blockages and aligns the energy throughout the entire body. During the course of a session most people feel extremely weightless, as if the weight of the world is being lifted from them. Most fall asleep and awaken feeling “different”. Those who remain awake usually feel a wide array of sensations moving through their body.

An energy clearing has been life altering for many people, as the negative, heavy energy has been removed, which leaves you feeling and emanating a positive energy field which attracts more positive experiences and opportunities. You will feel a sense of mental clarity that may have been clouded by the negative energy once present. Energy blockages often occur due to stress and trauma, mental, emotional, and/or physical.

Lacey’s hands emit an electrical current that can be heard during the course of a clearing or healing. She believes that energy is electric, and when she is perfecting your energy you will hear popping and snapping noises like static electricity, and when a blockage is being removed you will hear a loud pop. Most people are awed by this, but Lacey views it as quite natural.

Lacey is filled with compassion for others. When you are in her presence you will feel important and loved, because you are. She truly cares, and a session with Lacey can change your life.

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Lacey is a licensed, non-denominational ordained minister.